Eek: This Superfan Covered Her Entire Body in Rihanna Tattoos


Photo: Wenn

The celebrity fandom community has been known to do crazy things—a One Direction obsessive once nicked Liam Payne’s boxers from his hotel room, and a Kim Kardashian mega fan spent $150,000 on plastic surgery to make himself look like the reality queen. Now, a 23-year-old English woman, Sarah Ridge, has proved she might be the most extreme of them all, covering her body in 14 Rihanna tattoos. And when we say cover, we mean it:

Ridge has seven tattoos of Rihanna’s face on her body. Seven.

Add to that copies of Rihanna’s signature tattoos, including the huge tat Rihanna has under her breasts of the Kemetic goddess Aset (Greek name Isis), which she had inked in memory of her late grandmother who passed away with cancer. Now that’s commitment.

Hopefully the 23-year-old doesn’t decide develop a thing for Miley Cyrus in her 30s, because there’s not literally not enough room for two on her body.

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