Editor’s Pick: Pixie Market’s $49 Minimalist Slides

Sporty Slides from Pixie MarketSome fashion items are worth shelling out forleather jackets, camel coats, dainty gold jewelry—stuff that never really goes out of style. One trend that isn’t really worth dropping big bucks on, at least to me? Sporty slides.

Sure, slides are refreshingly practical and add a minimalist feel to just about anything–in fact, I love how a pair can make any outfit automatically feel more modern. But, when faced with price tags upwards of $200 for what’s essentially a designer label slapped on a pair of shower shoes, I flat out refuse to part with the cash.

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Enter Pixie Market’s new nude platform slides, which are available online now for an easy $49. Yep, that’s right–you can own these and still get change from a fifty. I love that this pair has a subtle lug sole happening, and a faux-croc print that’s pretty convincing.

I don’t know about you, but $49 for new spring shoes seems like a pretty good deal–and leaves plenty of cash left over for a much needed post-Winter pedicure.

Nude Slide Sandals, $49; at Pixie Market

Sporty Slides from Pixie Market