Denim is an all-American thing, but if the usual Abercrombie ads or the downtown, ripped and dirty card has been played one too many times, then stylists Turner & Erica are up to something new. We wanted to make it a more polished, dressed-up thing, Turner explained of the denim-on-denim editorial. It seems every denim story these days is styled very Erin Wasson-like, Erica Blumenthal chimed in. And its not like we dont like that look, but we just wanted to do something different, Turner completed the sentence. With aesthetic notes referencing the Depression era (hey, we are in another recession after all) juxtaposed with a nod to the decadent baubles of the 1920s, the inspiration speaks of nostalgic romance with a painterly twist. -Bee Shyuan Chang

Want a peek behind-the-scenes? Check out the video below:

Photographer: Nicholas Routzen
Stylists: Turner & Erica
Model: Josefin, Marilyn Agency
Hair Stylist: Brian Fisher, Fringe Salon New York
Makeup Artist: Cheyenne Timperio, Top 5 Management
Prop Stylist: Keren Richter, Giant Artists
Creative Director: Emily Finkbinder, StyleCaster
Videographer: Blake Martin, StyleCaster

Get to know the cast and crew, like photographer Nicholas Routzen and the other contributors that brought stylists Turner & Erica’s inspiration to life!

Meet makeup artist Cheyenne Timperio and hairstylist Brian Fisher for the backstage beauty tips behind the editorial.

Last but by far the least, StyleCaster shares a little one-on-one time with Marilyn model Josefin. Read up on how the New York-based beauty spends her free time!