Fashion Video: Jive! Jive! Jive!


Don Hills is one of the last quintessential rock-and-roll clubs left standing in New York City, which is why it made the perfect location for our latest video by Bon Duke, Jive! Jive! Jive! The same could be said about the punk boys who star in it they embody the spirit that the underground rock scene is all about. Think Buddy Holly, but way more bad-ass theyre tattooed, guitar-smashing and knife-wielding, but they clean up really nicely. Alyssa Vingan

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Clothing provided by
On Cole: John Varvatos vest; Cerruti coat; Marc Jacobs pants and belt; Florsheim by Duckie Brown oxfords; AESA necklaces
On Miles: Marc Jacobs shirt and blazer; Burberry leather jacket; Timo Weiland trousers; Bess boots
On Joey: John Varvatos brown sweater; Cerruti pink sweater; Bottega Veneta blazer; Loden Dagar jeans; Bottega Veneta shoes; Burberry belt; AESA necklaces; Bevel ring
On Shane: John Varvatos shirt; Bottega Veneta blazer; R13 jeans; Bess shoes; Marc Jacobs belt; AESA necklace
On Luca: All Saints t-shirt and denim shirt; Loden Dager jeans; Dior boots; All for the Mountain gold necklace; Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons leather bracelet necklace; Loden Dager bracelet
On Danny: All Saints t-shirt and leather jacket; Cerruti blazer; Marni pants; Florsheim by Duckie Brown boots; Lewis dager necklace; AESA gold triangle necklace; Loden Dager bracelets

Creative Director: Emily Finkbinder, StyleCaster
Director: Bon Duke
Models: Shane Gambill (ADAM NYC); Miles Garber (DNA); Joey Kirchner (Major Model Management); Daniel McSweeney (Red Model Management); Cole Mohr (Request Models); Luca Vigorelli (DNA)
Director of Photography: Pat Scola
Second Camera: Blake Martin, StyleCaster
Digital Effects Artist: Logan Seaman
Stylist: Priscilla Polley, The Magnet Agency
Stylist Assistant: Dee Grossmann, StyleCaster
Hair Stylist: Shawn Mount, Artlist
Hair Assistant: Shane Gambill
Makeup Artist: Angie Parker, Ray Brown Pro
Tattoo Artist: Jenai Chin, Temptu
Art Director: Katia Hakko
Production Assistants: Marijn Westerlaken and Brandon Wickencamp
Special thanks to Don Hill’s and Levi’s Photo Workshop

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