6 Things To Know About Brit Model of The Year Edie Campbell

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6 Things To Know About Brit Model of The Year Edie Campbell
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Edie Campbell appears to be everywhere these days: From the pages of Vogue and Elle to starring in Marc Jacobs’ final ads for Louis Vuitton, to serving as the face for Burberry, the 23-year-old Brit model’s made quite a splash in the past year. And that’s made us wonder just what she’s all about. Her pixieish looks recall ’60s stars like Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton, but she’s definitely got a very modern edge, too. And now that she just beat beat out Cara Delevingne to be dubbed “Model of the Year” at the Brit Fashion Awards, we expect to see a whole lot more of her.

Luckily, Campbell seems to take it all in good humor. When she went up to receive the Brit Award, she quipped, “models don’t usually have to speak so this could be a career-ending moment for me.”

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1. She walked in an astounding 21 shows during this past fashion week: Campbell opened Marc Jacobs’ final go for Louis Vuitton. Chloé boutiques as well as stores for Paul Smith and Yohji Yamamoto

2. She comes from a fashion family: Her mother is Sophie Hicks, the former editor of Tatler and British Vogue. Her mother went on to become an architect and design stores for Yohji, Yamamoto, Paul Smith, and Chloé. Her grandmother was a model in the ’50s. And her younger sister Olympia is apparently a real looker, too: She’s also a model.

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3. Anna Wintour loves her: ““Edie has the kind of quirky beauty that fashion types can’t help loving,” Wintour said in 2013. “And I won’t be at all surprised if she has a career like Stella Tennant’s—someone whose looks and intelligence keep the industry enthralled for a long time to come

4. She’s a total horse girl: She’s been riding horses since she was five (she is, after all, from Britain’s moneyed class). And for the past several years, she’s taken part in charity races and even show-jumping events for Gucci (where she competed in a tutu).

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5. She’s incurred the wrath of One Direction fans: Campbell starred in an editorial shoot with the boys from One Direction for British Vogue but didn’t, apparently, properly appreciate the honor.  “I tried to fancy them, really I did, but I just didn’t. They reminded me of my little sister’s friends.” she said of the occasion. ID-ers launched an all-out assault on her over Twitter, and she was forced to shut down her Twitter account for a time. After receiving threats from infuriated fans, shuts down her Twitter account for a time. (She appears to be back now @ebcampbell).

6. She dates the child of rock royalty: Her boyfriend is Otis Ferry, son of Bryan Ferry, the founder of the band Roxy Music. They bonded over their love of horses.

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Edie on the cover of Luxx magazine. 

Edie rocks a super '60s vibe on Vogue UK. 

Edie looking punk on the cover of Vogue Italia.

Striking a pose on French Elle. 

On the cover of Vogue Germany. 

Casting a coy look on the cover of Jalouse

Throwing some love to Love.

Sharing the cover of Numero magazine with Lindsey Wixson.

Looking sultry on the cover of Numero's Japanese edition.

On the cover of Tatler, the magazine her mother used to edit!

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