11 Edibles Recipes to Whip Up On 4/20—Or Whenever You Get the Munchies

Maggie Griswold
11 Edibles Recipes to Whip Up On 4/20—Or Whenever You Get the Munchies
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As the unofficial holiday of stoners and those who occasionally down a weed gummy, 4/20 is a day spent celebrating one thing: the joy of cannabis. Whether you’re a regular user or someone who’s cooped up with some extra weed lying around, these edible weed recipes are here to take your 4/20 to new heights. (Get it? No? I’ll see myself out.) Because not everywhere allows you to smoke—or in this case, eat—cannabis legally, make sure you’re up-to-date on your city’s guidelines. As long as you stay safe and follow the rules, you’re sure to have a delicious 4/20. From weed grilled cheese to the classic pot brownie, there’s no shortage of weed recipes waiting to help you celebrate.

Since many of us are stuck in our homes this year, it’s the perfect time to try whipping up some tasty—and legal!!—weed treats. You likely have been spending more time in your kitchen than ever before, so go ahead and take this opportunity to try something new. Maybe you’re a hardcore smoker who wants to try edibles while you’re social distancing. Or maybe you make the best weed cookies in your friend group, but want to try a new recipe. However you choose to embrace this kitchen adventure, just be safe, smart and make sure you’ve Netflix set up and ready to go.

If you’ve never made edibles yourself, let this be your introductory guide. Different recipes call for different amounts or variants of weed, so make sure you read all the instructions carefully—preferably before ingesting any other substances, as well. If you follow these recipes correctly, you’ll end up with delicious treats sure to get you flying high before long. Whether you want a sweet treat that you can share with your friends or a cannabis-infused meal all to yourself, you’re sure to find the perfect edible recipe below.


1. Weed Grilled Cheese

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | weed grilled cheese

The Canna School.

This weed grilled cheese is the perfect savory cannabis treat. You can always add a side of tomato soup if you’re feeling like making it a full meal.


2. Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | weed cookies

Cannabis Spatula.

If you’re looking for a relatively simple edible, these cannabis chocolate chip cookies are right up your alley.


3. Bakeless Apricot Berry CBD Tarts

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | berry CBD tarts

The Social Weed.

Feeling fancy? Whip up some of these apricot and berry CBD tarts for a classy weed brunch.


4. Weed Puppy Chow/Muddy Buddies

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | puppy chow

E-Marijuana Recipes.

Whether you grew up calling it puppy chow or muddy buddies, there’s no denying this sweet weed treat is basically just the adult version of your favorite childhood snack.


5. Weed Fruity Pebble Cereal Bars

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | Fruit Pebble cereal bars

The Canna School.

Got some extra cereal lying around? Try making a weed cereal bar that’s as good for breakfast as it is at 1 a.m.


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6. Weez-Its

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | weez-its

The Social Weed.

These Cheez-Its enhanced with cannabis are the ideal afternoon weed treat.


7. Weed Snickerdoodles

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | snickerdoodles

The Canna School.

If chocolate chip cookies aren’t your favorite, change it up and try these weed snickerdoodles.


8. Strawberry Weed Jam

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | strawberry jam


You can spread it on toast or your PB&J sandwich—This strawberry weed jam is versatile AF.


9. Double Chocolate Pot Brownies

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | pot brownies

Julia Gartland/Food 52.

What would an edibles round-up be without some double chocolate pot brownies? These are a classic for good reason.


10. Mini Mary Blueberry Pies

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | blueberry pies

The Social Weed.

These mini weed blueberry pies are the perfect spring dessert.


11. Weed Churros

STYLECASTER | Edible Weed Recipes | churros

The Canna School.

Churros are delicious on their own, but this weed churros recipe takes the pastry to a new level.