Eco-Conscious Home Decor Tips

Kerry Pieri

Not that everyone’s been listening, but by now we’ve all heard the rules on making your home more eco-conscious do energy efficient appliances, turning out the lights and taking shorter showers jog your memory? Now with Earth Day just around the corner, it’s time to integrate these into your daily life like a self-made resolution to cut down on global warming.

Taking a page from the Nate Berkus school of space design, we’ve compiled five ideas to make your spring cleaning/home revamp a bit more earth-friendly.

1. Get Thrifting (above)
Who doesn’t want their home to have a couture element? Why stop at the mall and grab a lamp everyone on the block has if you can obtain great deals at resale shops, the Salvation Army, antique stores, and even flea markets. Don’t be afraid of a little DIY. Rewiring lighting is not rocket science, nor is spray painting a picture frame. You’ll know the junk to avoid when you see it and every now and then, lightening will strike, and you’ll find that breathtaking piece that’s perfect as it is.

2. Color Your World
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Nothing will update your space quicker than a little well-placed paint, even if you just opt for light grey instead of banal white. Get all of the room revitalization without the harmful fumes and deadly chemicals of traditional paints (or the lead of old-school paints), with new eco-friendly varities. Bioshield offers an incredible color selection of their clay-based paint, which is also available in unique finishes for a more textural look.

3. Skip Fast Furniture In Favor of Fabulous Furniture
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Not everyone can decorate an entire home or apartment by making one decisive call to Design Within Reach. However, buying goods that won’t last just to utilize them as space keepers creates waste. When you’re done with that cheap, throw-away end table after you’ve finally invested in a unique piece, it will have a second life taking up space in a landfill. Spend wisely by saving up for an investment piece.

4. Bamboo and You91068 1271882265 Eco Conscious Home Decor Tips
Furnishing or refurnishing a space can mean the introduction of synthetic materials which will most-likely never decompose (and whose production causes dangerous run-off and pollution). Opt for organic bamboo rugs and ultra-soft linens made from the material. The bamboo plant requires no chemicals to grow, regenerates easily and fights carbon emissions as it grows.

5. Let a Little Light In91062 1271881458 Eco Conscious Home Decor Tips
We’ve all heard the get-eco-now rules, and one of the best and easiest is integrating compact florescents into your life. But even with the cash-saving bulbs in place (your electric bills will thank you), try not to use them during the day. Instead, get some sheer curtains, ditch the blinds, and use some well-placed, pretty mirrors to optomize the natural light your space already gets.

It’s Cool to be Green