Eco-Chic Done Right – Five Fashion Designers to Know

Kerry Pieri


As we’re sure you’ve heard, today is the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. Being a tree-hugger is no longer a granola term, it’s a necessary and respected by the cool kids (think Leo DiCaprio, Natalie Portman and Stella McCartney) way of life. Whether it be in your home, your office, your car, or your closet, keep Mother Earth in mind.

Now back to that closet. Being green in 2010 does not mean stoner hemp necklaces or atrocious pleather shoes, below we have a who’s who list of designers leading the eco-chic revolution. Check out some of their environment-friendly wares and let us know who you dig in the comments.

1. Generation Love Clothing (see above)
Designers Roni Hirshberg and Audrey Bressa-Valcourt are two friends who made good on their mission to design a cool t-shirt line with the earth in mind. Utilizing recycled polyester and organic cotton among other eco-friendly fabrics, the design duo brings a bit of green to the downtown crowd; stud details and slouchy shapes add to the “it” factor pieces. Or in the designers words, “We are proud to be making a difference one tee at a time!”

2. Samantha Pleet
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This NYC-based designer creates a collection for Urban Outfitters, uses wind-power at her factory and utilizes organic cotton and wool in her vintage-meets-Brooklyn inspired designs.

3. Organic by John Patrick
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John Patrick Organic SS10 collection
This eco-minded designer recently signed a TV deal to dish on his green meets fashion philosophy. Plus Patrick has built quite the celeb fan base with his dedication to both the green movement and fashion for fashion’s sake. Sold at Barney’s, this designer proves that style and a healthy environment can live harmoniously.

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Founded in 2005 by Alison Hewson and Bono, EDUN does double-duty as a source for eco-fashion that utilizes organic materials, as well as a for-profit business whose main goal is to build the fashion economy of the U2 frontman’s favorite continent, Africa. Their edgy designs speak for themselves it was co-founded by a rock-star after all.

5. Loomstate
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One of the first in the eco-fashion space, Loomstate was the brainchild of designer Rogan Gregory and Scott Mackinlay Hahn. This laid-back line takes inspiration from the environment while helping keep it in tact, with earth-toned hues and easy, organic shapes made of all sustainable materials.