Eclipse April 2022: The Meaning Of The Solar Eclipse In Taurus

Eclipse April 2022: The Meaning Of The Solar Eclipse In Taurus
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Get ready for a showdown in the skies, astro babes, as April 2022’s eclipse season begins. On April 30, we will have a partial solar New Moon Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. As the first eclipse of the year, we’re kicking off eclipse season with quite the harmonious bang. This magical celestial event marks the beginning of the 2022 eclipse season, which will inevitably bring a series of sweeping changes to our lives. 

Eclipse season, a roughly six-week time period, begins about a week before the first of two eclipses and ends about a week after the last eclipse. Fortunately, this energetically charged time only comes around twice a year. I won’t sugarcoat it: eclipse season tends to be a high-energy time period that might make you feel a little more emotional than usual. You see, eclipses tend to usher in intense and sudden change. This season is a time for circumstances and even people to eclipse in or out of our lives. While it sounds daunting, think about it as a cosmic reset to help us more deeply connect with our purpose in this lifetime. 

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Events that start around eclipses tend to last up to six months, as they are tied to the close proximity of the moon’s nodes. Eclipses occur when the sun, moon and earth align. A solar eclipse occurs when a shadow cast from the moon partially or fully obscures the sunlight, which we have this month. This particular partial solar eclipse will only be visible near sunset in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, as well as in parts of Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Antartica. 

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In astronomy, the orbital nodes are the highest and lowest points within the moon’s ecliptic. In astrology, the nodes represent our purpose, our past and our future, and are said to illuminate our destiny. When a new moon or a full moon gets so close to the nodes, there is an expansion of energy urging us to move closer to our true purpose. We are also pushed to seek better balance within ourselves, especially pertaining to the themes associated with where that new or full moon eclipse falls.

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This upcoming set of eclipses will activate Taurus and Scorpio energy—urging us to tackle our self-worth, values, boundaries, giving and receiving pleasure, our attachment to money and how we connect with each other. This series of eclipses began last November and will last until 2023. Think back to November 2021 and consider what themes were prominent in your life: this can give you insight into what might come up this eclipse season.

If you can’t remember, that’s totally OK. The Taurus/Scorpio axis is all about finding structure, stability and pleasure in your life. Yes, you read that right!  Pleasure and sensuality are top priorities now and if you don’t make them so, these eclipses might do it for you. 

STYLECASTER | Full Moon in Taurus

Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

This is especially so with the first eclipse of the year, the Partial Solar New Moon Eclipse in Taurus. Remember, a new moon eclipse is just a supercharged new moon, so it is a time robust with opportunity and support to start something new. Tap into this energy by spending some time journaling about what brings you pleasure. You might be inspired by out-of-the-box ideas that could change your life. With Taurus energy, it’s OK to take it slow. You don’t have to rush to tap in, in actuality, you might find the moment you’re not rushing to the finish line is when you have the most insight. Keep this in mind throughout the season.

The second eclipse of the season will arrive on May 16, a Lunar Full Moon Eclipse, and it will be far more complex.  We must make the most of all good vibes now.

Happy New Moon Eclipse, loves!

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