Ebay Store Open for Business, Plus Our Top 10 Favorite eBay Sellers of All Time


Remember in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, when Steve Carell falls in love with Catherine Keener inside of her eBay store? And the thought of an eBay store was totally weird? Well, it’s not so weird when it’s selling Michael Kors handbags, L.A.M.B shoes, and Anthropologie dresses.

A freestanding eBay store was recently opened on November 20 for the holidays, located at 3 West 57th Street. Great…now we’ll not only spend all day tracking those Marni heels that someone’s selling in Omaha, but now we’ll be stalking the Upper East Side for bargain deals, too. In celebration of our apparent new eBay-inspired addiction, here are our 10 favorite eBay sellers of all time (sorry, Brian from Iowa…the Freaks and Geeks DVDs you sent me totally skipped.)

10. Thriftwares (pictured above)

What to bid on now: A plaid military swing coat.

Good for: Quality staple pieces.


9. Twitch Vintage

What to bid on now: A granny floral print bandage dress.

Good for: ’90s vintage.


8. Makimaki Vintage

What to bid on now: Vintage ’90s Dolce & Gabbana boyfriend tuxedo blazer.

Good for: Designer pieces in prime condition.


7. Laced With Romance

What to bid on now: Brown leather studded flat boots.

Good for: Perfectly worn-in footwear and minidresses.


6. Indie Cult Vintage

What to bid on now: Leopard print fur bolero dress jacket.

Good for: Coats for the cold winter.


5. Sunflower Chicks Vintage

What to bid on now: Purple velvet party dress.

Good for: Cheaper vintage pieces.


4. Cops in Jeans

What to bid on now: ’90s vintage spot tuxedo mini military dress.

Good for: Truly unique pieces that will turn heads.


3. California Select

What to bid on now: Black bow front mini pencil skirt.

Good for: American Apparel pieces you can’t find anywhere.


2. Lullie Vintage

What to bid on now: Vintage ’70s red and black mod minidress.

Good for: If you have a craving for mod, they have it.


1. Funkin Junkie Vintage

What to bid on now: Glam silver white striped sequin cardigan coat.

Good for: A little rock and roll.