30 Brilliant Ways to Work Metallics into Your Wardrobe

Kristen Bousquet
30 Brilliant Ways to Work Metallics into Your Wardrobe
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Sometimes it can be difficult to find an interesting way to add a little flavor to your outfit. But no fear, metallics are here! We’re loving the shiny shades and how they manage to make any looks a little more special.

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Metallics might sound a little scary when you’re used to wearing minimalist outfits—you’re probably envisioning sequins and Spandex—but it’s easier to ease into the trend than you think. And if you’re all about the trend already, then we’ll show you some seriously chic ways to go all out.

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Add a metallic bag to an otherwise basic outfit. Right now we're loving oversized envelope clutches. 

Photo: Athens Street Style

Add a touch of shine by opting for metallic shoes.

A great pair of metallic shoes can go a long way! Whether you choose a pair of metallic pumps or everyday flats, they can be paired with any casual outfit to add an interesting touch of excitement.

Photo: Sandra B

Photo: Picasa

Photo: Ascot Friday

Pair a glitzy sequin skirt with tough basics for a perfect metallic daytime look.

If you're totally loving the idea of rocking metallics, opt for a metallic skirt. The best way to keep this look simple and clean is to pair your metallic skirt with something more minimalistic and plain like a solid colored top. Adding a cool touch of edge is also great with a metallic skirt. We're especially loving the metallic skirt & leather jacket combo.

Photo: XIAOHAN SHEN/Refinery 29

Photo: Modish You

Incorporate some bright metal jewlery into your outfit.

The perfect way to make an outfit exciting is to add an element of surprise and bright jewelry can do just this. Just by tossing on a couple shiny, metallic rings, bracelets or a necklace, you'll add instant excitement to your outfit.

Photo: Viva Luxury

Photo: Cosmopolitan

Metallic embellishments are a great way to start off slow.

To start off slow in the world of metallics, grab a top, pair of shoes or jeans with a little bit of metallic embellishments. This way you'll be able to try out the metallic trend and see how much you're loving it without really committing.

Photo: Elodie in Paris

Look badass in a pair of metallic jeans.

There is nothing that screams "rockstar" more than a good pair of combat boots and some metallic jeans. We love these paired with a simple top and some cool shades like this blogger did.

Photo: Nattstad


Photo: Tim Regas

Photo: Man Repeller

Go all the way with a metallic dress.

If you're fully committed to metallics, then you totally won't be scared of a little metallic dress. This baby is perfect for a night out on the town or a birthday party (we probably wouldn't suggest wearing it to work).

Photo: A Love Is Blind

Photo: Native Fox

Photo: Fashion Clue

Pop on a metallic jacket over something simple.

A simple metallic jacket is the perfect piece to keep at work or in your bag since you can toss it over your outfit from a long day at work to add a nightly touch to it for a night on the town.

Photo: Stockholm Streetstyle

Photo: Getty

Sunglasses are your metallic BFF.

Okay, sure they shade you from the sun, but sunglasses are more than that. They're the perfect way to add some flair to any outfit since you can just whip them out of your purse and put them on. It totally doesn't matter what you're wearing, these metallic shades will have you looking instantly chic.

Photo: Refinery 29/Christian Vierig

Photo: Refinery 29/Christian Vierig

Finish your outfit off with a metallic belt.

Adding in a metallic belt to your outfit instantly turns it into an interesting one. Whether you're wearing your belt with jeans, a skirt or a dress, they really work well with anything, especially simple pieces to make the belt the focal point of the outfit.

Photo: Atlantic Pacific

Add metallic to any outfit with a temporary tattoo.

If you want to incorporate metallics into your life without even having to think about it each morning, try out one of the cool metallic temporary tattoos that are all over the web.

Photo: Planet Blue

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