30 Simple, No-Sweat Summer Appetizers

Creating party appetizers is something of an art: You want something that looks (and tastes) amazing, but you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen when you could be shopping for your new fall boots, planning your next vacay, or Netflixing while sipping rosé.

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If you internalize only one thing about appetizer prep, remember that tarting with the right ingredients goes a long way toward a great outcome, whether you’re an A-plus chef or just a passable one (like me).

“Remember that quality does matter,” says Chuck Prescott, VP of operations at the NYC-based catering and event company Sweet Hospitality Group. “So opt for a nice Brie or goat cheese, or pick up some fig jam or onions that you can caramelize and add so much flavor to tons of summer appetizers and meals.”

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Hey, if a couple extra bucks makes a major difference in how your app turns out, we say it’s totally worth it. Click through these 30 easy summer appetizers to make while entertaining over the holiday weekend, or if you just want to take your regular weeknight dinner up a notch.

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