10 Brilliant and Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired by Celebrities

Emily Kanoff

Sure, everyone loved when you dressed up like Kate Gosselin in 2008, but HOW much did you pay for that wig? We’re here to tell you it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to make creative, easy Halloween costumes this year. Especially those inspired by zeitgeisty celebrities

Wanna look like Miley Cyrus? Easy peasy! Think an Iggy Azalea costume would be a hit at the party? You’re right! Scroll down for tips on how to achieve the perfect pop culture Halloween costume:

The Look: Taylor Swift’s Street Style

What You’ll Need: That floral dress you haven’t worn since Freshman year, belt, your grandma’s old purse, mary janes, ultra-red lipstick, pair of scissors.

How to Put it Together: Use the scissors to cut the dress in half. Voila! You just created a matchy-matchy crop top and skirt ensemble. The skirt will be a little big, so position your belt accordingly. Apply lipstick carefully to achieve that perfect Taylor pout, and pack it in your purse. Once your heels are fastened, you’re ready to go.

Bonus Points: Scrounge up an old, white stuffed animal kitten (a la Olivia Benson, pictured with Taylor above)

The Look: Miley Cyrus’ Summer Bead Extravaganza

What You’ll Need: Beads, and lots of ’em. Also glue, tape, string, a pen, ponytail holders and a leotard. Don’t forget you’ll need time to create your masterpieces.

How to Put it Together: The beauty of a Miley Cyrus costume is that it will encourage you to get creative. We suggest wearing a leotard, but really, the beauty is in the beads. Make bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets, hair accessories or even pasties—hey, we don’t judge! Finally, use that pen to create the perfect Floyd tattoo.  

Bonus Points: Carry around a stuffed pig.

The Look: Sarah Silverman’s Stage Persona

What You’ll Need: Black boots, fishnets, jean shorts, t-shirt, zip-up hoodie.

How to Put it Together: Sarah Silverman is the perfect pop culture costume. It will require little to no effort on your part, and having just won an Emmy Award for writing her HBO special, she’s timely! Just slap on all of these clothes, put you’re hair in a ponytail, and you’re ready to go.

Bonus Points: Tell some funny jokes at your party. Oh, and bring some weed.

The Look: Ariana Grande

What You’ll Need: It’s obviously all in the hair for this one—so if you’re going to splurge, let it be on extensions. Loads and loads of extensions. Also: black bra top or bustier, black pencil skirt, a bad attitude.

How to Put it Together: Ariana’s got a pretty standard look with her matching crop tops and skirts, so you can’t go wrong on this one. As for the hair, it’s half-up or bust. Clip in those extensions, and get to work.

Bonus Points: You ask to only be photographed from the left, all night long.

The Look: Cara Delevingne’s “I’m too cool for you” vibe

What You’ll Need: Sweatpants, sweatshirt, knit cap, about 10 brown eyebrow pencils.

How to Put it Together: While she nails high-fashion when modeling, Cara’s street style is more “after-school basketball practice” than “Paris Fashion Week”. If not straight already, use a flat iron to get your hair stick straight and top it off with your favorite beanie. Then pull on your comfiest sweats, color in your brows to get Delevingne’s signature glare, and get to partying.

Bonus Points: Have your date go as Rihanna.

The Look: The Duggar Girls from TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting”

What You’ll Need: Long-sleeve shirt, long jean skirt, cute flats.

How to Put it Together: Looking for a modest outfit this year? A Duggar costume is for you. If you’re going for Jessa, an engagement ring is key. More of a Jill fan? Fashion a little baby bump out of your decorative couch pillow. As long as your arms and legs are covered, you’ll be good to go.

Bonus Points: Have natural long brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes.

The Look: Lorde

What You’ll Need: A white sheet and black lipstick.

How to Put it Together: Remember when you used to go trick-or-treating as a ghost? Do that.

Bonus Points: Have your date go as Taylor Swift.

angelina jolie atelier versace wedding gown dress

The Look: Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress

What You’ll Need: The sheet you didn’t use for a Lorde costume, and markers.

How to Put it Together: Use your toga-making skills to fashion a dress out of your cleanest white sheet. Take the markers and go to town—draw anything and everything, the sky’s the limit!

Bonus Points: Pack markers with you, so your fellow Halloween revelers can sign your dress and join in the fun.

The Look: Iggy Azalea’s Performance Style

What You’ll Need: Black yoga pants, sports bra of your choosing, duct tape, scissors, brown eye liner, hair gel, butt padding.

How to Put it Together: While you could go out and buy colorful duct tape, we think regular ol’ silver might be just as chic. Cut the tape into strips or fun shapes, and decorate your workout gear as you see fit. Dot Iggy’s signature beauty mark onto your chin, and slick your hair back into a low pony, with a bit of gel to keep it in place. You fancy, girl.

Bonus Points: Carry around a stuffed Koala bear to channel Iggy’s Australian roots.

The Look: North West at Paris Fashion Week

What You’ll Need: Black tights, leather skirt, Yeezus Tee. Didn’t make it to see Kanye on tour? Use google images to DIY!

How to Put it Together: Couldn’t be easier—Dig out the black tights that have been hiding since last winter, pull on your cutest leather skirt, and locate a Yeezus tee.

Bonus Points: Get all your friends to dress up as paparazzi and snap pics of you all night long.

Have any easy Halloween costumes of your own? Share in the comments below!