Easy Bedroom Tweaks That Will Help You Sleep Better

Liv Kelleher


Not being able to fall asleep at night is one of those universal nuisances that we’ve all experienced. Not only do you wake up groggy and unwilling to start the day, but a lack of solid sleep can negatively effect your life in countless other ways that include wreaking havoc on your skin, boosting stress, contributing to gain weight, and generally leaving you less happy than your fully-rested self. Nothing good there.

If you are someone who truly has problems falling asleep, we’re sure you’ve tried it all—melatonin, sleepy-time tea, lavender, putting away your bright LED screens before bed, and a bajillion other natural (or not so natural) sleep aids. But, have you rearranged your room?

Yep, that’s right—it seems making a few key bedroom tweaks can impact how you snooze. To prove it, Made.com put together a highly informative infographic that illustrates how important the layout of your space is when trying to get the best sleep you can every night.

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Here are a few highlights from Made’s diagram that you probably can put into effect tonight.

Ditch the TV
Watching an excess of television before hitting the sheets lessens your ability to get a full, restful night of sleep.

Crack a window
Allowing air to circulate will keep your room fresh and airy while you sleep, thus making it more comfortable.

Clean up a bit
By getting rid of clutter that’s accumulated around your room, you’re seriously heightening your ability to relax. Just throw your dirty close in the hamper instead of on the floor, stack papers in a neat pile instead of covering your desk, close your drawers and closet doors. A refined space will give you more piece (and peace!) of mind as you attempt to doze off.

Create symmetry
Whether we’re aware of it or not, our brains respond to all things symmetrical. Scientifically, the more symmetrical your face is, the more “classically” beautiful people consider you, so why not apply this same principle to your room? Symmetrical spaces give the feeling of order and calmness, two things you need to fall asleep soundly.

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Everything about your room can alter your sleeping pattern, from the furniture layout, to the color of the walls, to the lighting. It all matters. Check out the full diagram below and see how easily you can improve your own sleeping habits.

photo: made.com

photo: made.com