L.A. fashionista and Chief Indulgence Officer for A.Sweet, Andrea Trujilo has decked out her store decor for Easter with the introduction of an Anna Wintour Peep and candy-inspired runway.

Eye Candy: Meet Anna Winpeep And Her Fashionable Easter Friends

Andrea Trujillo
Eye Candy: Meet Anna Winpeep And Her Fashionable Easter Friends
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When it comes to candy and fashion, nobody does it better than Andrea Trujillo, Chief Indulgence Officer for A.sweeT. Boutique, our go-to destination for everything sweet and stylish when visiting the West Coast. In fact, as die-hard sugar fiends, we saw the need to have her as a contributor to highlight the ways clothing, candy AND looking good plays into our world. First up, an edible Easter event you don’t want to miss….

Chocolate bunnies. Jelly beans. Marshmallow chicks.

Another year. Another basket full of the same ole’ sweets. Well, not this year. It’s 2012. This is the year that Easter is turning from sweet to sassy.

Gone are the days of those glistening yellow chicks and pink bunnies. They’ve all gone glam. Who’s responsible? Well, Anna Winpeep of course. She’s the chic lil’ chickie behind it all.

Anna Winpeep is the sugar-savvy style expert who rules the runways in Candy Land. But, you know something? Despite her “frosty” demeanor, she’s pretty soft and sweet on the inside. For Peep’s sake, she’s even spearheaded Peep’s Posh Night out, a Good Friday night of shopping and sweet runway style. (Trust me, Anna’s definitely adding flavor to Candy Land’s couture community.)

Just check out the pictures above. You’ll be singing sweet praises all the way to your Easter basket and beyond.

(Style to the Peeps!)


Andrea Trujillo, Chief Indulgence Officer, A.SweeT. Boutique

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Alert your "peeps" -- there's a big party going on in Beverly Hills this weekend.

Photo: A.sweeT./A.sweeT.

Yes, stylish treats are certainly in vogue this Easter.

Photo: A.sweeT./A.sweeT.

 Front row access to the yummiest fashion show ever.

Photo: /A.sweeT.

Everybunny is expected to strike a pose at this shindig.

Photo: A.sweeT./A.sweeT.

Oh Karl, hop along or you'll be late to the party.

Photo: A.sweeT./A.sweeT.

All eyes will be on this Peep Show!

Photo: A.sweeT./A.sweeT.

Happy Easter, and remember: Style to the Peeps!

Photo: A.sweeT./A.sweeT.

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