Let This Fashion-Forward Easter Egg Inspo Inspire You To Deck Out Your Basket

Jane Asher
Let This Fashion-Forward Easter Egg Inspo Inspire You To Deck Out Your Basket
Photo: bondart/Shutterstock.

We’ve been dipping eggs into food coloring come springtime since we were five years old, and while there’s nothing wrong with the simple, old-school way of dying Easter eggs, there’s no reason we can’t amp things up a notch. In 2020, there are tons of some cool Easter egg ideas that go beyond your childhood ambitions, and this year, you’ve got all the time in the world to create the *perfectly* dyed Easter eggs. If you’re stuck at home and in need of a fun, festive craft, channel your inner Martha Stewart and take a break from snacking on Peeps and jelly beans. It’s time to create some Easter egg magic!

Whether you’re celebrating Easter with your family or spending Easter Sunday lounging on the couch, dyeing eggs is a fun way lean in to the Easter spirit, and you can be as invested as you like. Spend a few minutes dipping eggs into dye for some minimalist, solid-colored hues, or go all out with patterns, glitter, google eyes and the like. With all these options, you might be overwhelmed and not know where to start, but that’s where the below inspo comes in.

Luckily for all of is, the internet is chock-full of incredible Easter egg inspiration, with patterns and designs that go way beyond the classic polka dots and stripes. Think tie-dye and animal print, metallic accents and geometric patterns, and whatever else your little Easty Bunny heart desires. Take a good look at some of the most over-the-top, perfectly-designed Easter eggs below, and get ready to seriously impress your friends and family with your own masterpieces. We’re sure they’ll be très chic—or, rather, très chick. See what we did there?

1. Minimalist Eggs

We love the clean, geometric pattern used on these eggs and the springy green hues.

2. Adorable Eggs

It doesn’t get much cuter than these animal eggs!

3. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

STYLECASTER | Easter egg ideas


Shaving cream dyed eggs are so easy to make and the final result is so cute.

4. Attention to Detail

These eggs might take a little longer, but the end result is so worth it.

5. Perfectly Purple Eggs

These purple-pink eggs are literally eye candy.

6. Marbled Easter Eggs

STYLECASTER | Easter egg ideas


Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and go all out with marbled-style Easter eggs.

7. Threaded Egg

Wrapping your easter eggs in colored thread is one of the more unique ideas we’ve seen.

8. Artsy Eggs

You don’t need to be an artist to create beautiful Easter eggs, but it definitely helps.

9. Patchwork Easter Eggs

STYLECASTER | Easter egg ideas


Why use dye when you can use pretty, patterned fabric?

10. Unicorn Eggs

These unicorn eggs are very extra, and very adorable.

11. Metallic Eggs

Pro tip: Use tape to get precise lines and geometric patterns like these neon and metallic eggs.

12. Floral Dyed Easter Eggs

STYLECASTER | Easter egg ideas | floral dyed easter eggs


These eggs are like a work of watercolor art!

Originally published April 2012. Updated April 2020.