I Tried Dyson’s Pure Humidify+Cool Machine To See If It’s Worth Your $800

Kristin Corpuz
I Tried Dyson’s Pure Humidify+Cool Machine To See If It’s Worth Your $800
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As someone who regularly works from home, I’m always on the lookout for additions to my space that will improve my quality of life. Whether it’s a new plant, a comfy loungewear set or something a little more high-tech, I will never say no to something that makes my day better. Whether or not you work from home, though, you still need to read my Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool review, because this product is a game-changer that I’d argue pretty much everyone needs in their space.

As a beauty-lover, I’m a huge Dyson fan—seriously, the AirWrap is my favorite hair tool ever—so when I heard the brand was launching an all-in-one humidifier, air purifier and fan, I knew that I absolutely had to have it. Now that I’ve tried it, it might just be the best thing I’ve ever put in my home.

In addition to the aforementioned AirWrap, its flat iron and a few other beauty tools, Dyson is known for home appliances—its vacuum cleaners are the kind of thing that makes you excited about adulting. Dyson is often praised for its high-tech humidifiers and air purifiers and it has finally upped the ante by taking the best of both and combining them into one cool, sleek machine. Oh—and the people at Dyson threw in a fan too, just for fun. The Pure Humidify+Cool unit will cost you a cool $799.98, so of course, I had to try it out for myself and see if it was worth the coin.

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STYLECASTER | Dyson Humidify+Cool Review

Courtesy of Dyson.

The Humidify+Cool unit is a perfect way to improve the overall air quality of a space and living in Los Angeles, where the air is both extremely dry and heavily polluted. I like having a machine that helps regulate my environment. I’m used to running a small humidifier on my desk, but now that I have the Humidify+Cool, I know all that I’ve been missing out on. For one thing, my former humidifier was great when it was right beside me, but if I opened a door or window, all of the humidity immediately left the room. The Dyson machine fills my room with a comfortable level of humidity that doesn’t immediately escape when I open my door. Plus, I can actually control how humid it gets in my room depending on how I’m feeling, whereas most humidifiers give the options of “Humid” or “Off,” with no in-between. I tend to enjoy higher humidity levels because my hair and skin are naturally very dry, but I found myself grateful for the machine’s extremely customizable options. If I do overdo it, I can always enable the unit’s fan for a refreshing breeze.

I just recently moved into my current place and while it isn’t too messy or dirty yet, I didn’t realize how terrible the general air quality in my home was, due in part to LA’s air pollution and the fact that we like to leave our windows open during the day. Because I have my Humidify+Cool up and running, I can use the Dyson Link app to give me stats on the air quality of my room via the sensors on the machine. I can also use the app to control the unit when I’m not in the room, so I can put it on a timer that automatically turns it on in the mornings and off when I’m done for the day.

STYLECASTER | Dyson Humidify+Cool Review

Courtesy of Kristin Corpuz

It’s no secret that the summers in LA can be brutal and I already know that the unit’s Breeze and Fan modes will definitely be useful in a few months. Breeze mode offers a light airflow that mimics the feeling of (you guessed it) a subtle breeze, while the Fan mode operates like, well, a fan. Again with the customizable options! For now, I’m keeping it on Backwards Airflow mode, which allows me to use the humidifying and purifying functions without any cool airflow chilling out my space.

I’ve had some bad experiences trying to clean humidifiers in the past, but as per usual, Dyson really has thought of everything. The Humidify+Cool has a monitor that keeps track of when the device needs to be cleaned and even has a built-in deep clean cycle so it can mostly clean itself. I haven’t needed to clean it just yet, but when I do, I’ll simply need to empty out a packet of the cleaner (included in the unit) and press the Deep Clean button to start the process. No hours spent trying to de-gunk it—and no risk of accidentally breaking my pricy machine.

It might sound wild for me to call anything that costs $800 a must-have, but when I total up the cost of buying a high-quality humidifier, air purifier and room fan separately, I have to admit that this all-in-one investment makes sense. Yes, it’s a huge investment at that, but take it from a girl who spends the majority of her time inside a polluted, dry Los Angeles house: It only takes a few uses to see your Dyson Humidify+Cool shift from a splurge purchase to an absolute home essential.

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