Dyson’s Omni-Glide Vacuum Is On Sale For The First Time Ever & It’s Perfect for Apartment Life

Bella Gerard
Dyson’s Omni-Glide Vacuum Is On Sale For The First Time Ever & It’s Perfect for Apartment Life
Photo: Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

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I hated to admit it, but I needed a new vacuum. Like, really needed a new vacuum. Every time myself or my roommates lifted up our old model, a spray of previously-vacuumed-up dirt would pour out before we even had the chance to turn it on. The thing was busted! And it made us dread cleaning—a daily task that’s pretty necessary when you’re living in a small apartment like ours. So when I got the opportunity to review the new Dyson Omni-Glide Vacuum, it’s no surprise I jumped at the chance. And now that it’s on sale, I’m here to hype it up big-time so that you can justify the splurge.

I’ve always been fascinated by Dyson’s hold on the vacuum market. There’s simply no other brand coming out with models as sleek, powerful and efficient! While my mom invested in hers quite some time ago and still swears by it, I couldn’t justify getting one until the brand announced three newest models in early 2021. The cheapest of the three was the Omni-Glide, the brand’s first-ever model designed specifically for small spaces.

As a NYC apartment-dweller, I do indeed live in a small space. And a dirty one, at that! From the moment my Omni-Glide arrived, I knew it would be a total game-changer. The vacuum itself is super compact, and once I charged it up on its wall-mounted docking station, I was in for a whole new cleaning experience

I never thought I’d be this excited about a vacuum, but hey, here we are.

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STYLECASTER | Dyson Omni Glide Vacuum Review

Courtesy of Dyson.

The first thing I noticed about the Omni-Glide Hard Floor Cordless Vacuum was its unique head. Designed for hardwood floors, the omni-directional roller cleaning head has super soft fibers in addition to most vacuums’ standard stiff bristles on the brush bars, and I later found out that they slide off for easy washing. (I’m not the only one who has had to cut hair off of vacuum bristles with a literal scissor in the past, right???)

In addition to looking different, this vacuum head acts differently than any I’ve ever had before. Being omni-directional, it can move in quite literally any direction—so no more vacuuming a spot, then pulling your vacuum backwards to get to the spot beside where you’ve already cleaned. The back and sides of the head suck up dirt too, not just the front.

STYLECASTER | Dyson Omni Glide Vacuum Review

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

This, my friends, is a major game-changer. No more solo games of Twister trying to bend to fit the front of my vacuum where it needs to be under my bed, couch, etc.! In fact, the vacuum can lie totally flat, so pushing it under furniture is a breeze.

Now for the really tech-y stuff. The Omni-Glide is powered by Dyson’s Hyperdymium motor, with eight cyclones generating a force of 98,000g to capture even microscopic dust, as well as five stages of filtration with ePTFEE porous membranes to trap a whopping 99.99% of particles.

There are two mode options: Eco Mode for everyday cleaning and Max Mode for more intense spot cleaning, especially good for when you’re using the vacuum’s combination nozzle handheld attachment.

STYLECASTER | Dyson Omni Glide Vacuum Review

Courtesy of Bella Gerard.

Like I said, I never thought I’d be the one to geek out over a vacuum, but the Omni-Glide lived up to the Dyson hype I’d been hearing about for so many years. Now, cleaning my apartment—a once-dreaded task—feels totally effortless.

And best of all, it’s on sale at QVC right now complete with three special tools designed to make cleaning any space a breeze. The combi-crevice tool, the mini motorized tool and worktop tool do what the roller head can’t, so there’s truly no space you can’t clean.

And the price? Originally $449 for the set, the Omni-Glide Hard Floor Cordless Vacuum with 3 tools is now $349.98. The three extra tools are normally an $85 value, so getting the vacuum and all the extra goodies for under $400 is a truly insane deal. Like, I’ve already sent the link to everyone I love—so of course, you’re next on my list to tell. Don’t wait!

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