Dying to Know About Kate Moss’ Wedding? Some Supers Weigh In

Kerry Pieri

We don’t know what she’s wearing, we don’t know where it will be, we do know the groom, but that’s not nearly enough. If Kate Middleton’s recently nuptials have proven anything, it’s that weddings are a global affair!

Of course that means that everyone who can ask anyone who maybe knows Kate Moss anything about her wedding, will be asked. The Daily Mail is reporting on Naomi Campbell who has been on and off besties with the Moss since they were both model ingenues. The super demurred when asked if she’s the MoH, “Now that would be telling.” Continuing, “But I am so proud of Kate. I love Jamie and I can’t wait for the wedding. Jamie’s such a nice guy, he’s the one for her. It’s going to be an amazing day and I’m on the phone with her all the time.” Aw, I would love to hear Kate and Naomi talking weddings and being like:

Naomi: Aren’t you so glad you didn’t marry that mess Pete?
Kate: Word.
Naomi: Sucks that it’s not even an option to wear Dior anymore but you’ll look hot in anything you wear.
Kate: I know.
Naomi: I’m so happy I’m going to be your Maid of Honor.
Kate: Me too, just please don’t hit the limo driver on the way there.
Naomi: hahahahha

And so on!

In reality, Naomi is waxing rhapsodic on the two’s storied history together, saying, “It’s going to be really nostalgic because we have grown up together and Kate getting married is an amazing moment…It shows we’ve all grown up but we are still the original supermodels. We’ll still party, even though Kate’s getting married, I don’t think that will change us.” And all is right with the world.

Meanwhile, Lara Stone, who is invited to the July 2 wedding is totally only thinking about herself. Telling, WWD, Im having a panic about it, I mean what do you wear?