Dwight Schrute Defends the Name of New Weezer Album


I love Dwight Schrute Rainn Wilson. We have a lot in common actually:

– We (and Bobbi Brown) both went to the same high school.
– We both enjoy Weezer.
– We both… um… wear… glasses… occasionally.

Despite our overwhelming list of commonalities, I don’t know how much I agree with Rainn Wilson dubbing the new Weezer album, “Raditude.” It’s kind of lame to be totally harsh. My old roommate used to make up words such as, “Pandeliarium” and, in my opinion, Pandeliarium is better than Raditude.

Meanwhile, Rainn Wilson discusses with Dan Harris of Nightline his justification for naming the album Weezer and thinks it’s all a matter of perspective. Click here to watch the interview video!