DVF♥CURRENT/ELLIOTT Joins Forces With Gia Coppola For Rad Fashion Film

Jessica Rubin

gia1 DVF♥CURRENT/ELLIOTT Joins Forces With Gia Coppola For Rad Fashion Film

Have you ever had a case of writer’s block? We know we have, but our creative slump definitely didn’t follow the same path as the struggling screen writer featured in the film Gia Coppola directed for the DVF and CURRENT/ELLIOTT collaboration. The collection is full of fun, mod prints which are reflected in the old Hollywood vibe of the film. Tracy Antonopoulos, our poor, broke screen writer embraces nostalgic Hollywood glam, only betraying the modern setting by the presence of her iPad and laptop.

The highlight of the short comes when our darling protagonist is knocked out at a party and embarks on a psychedelic dream sequence that provides ample opportunity for Coppola to showcase the collaboration in question. To find out whether Antonopoulos’s character makes it big, check out the full film below (and keep an eye out for Ray Liotta‘s cameo).

Do you think the film does justice to the DVF x CURRENT ELLIOTT collection? Let us know in the comments section below!

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