Yes, Duchess Camilla Plans to Watch Her Affair With Prince Charles on ‘The Crown’

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall & Prince Charles
Photo: SP6/Starpress/WENN.

A royal source revealed Duchess Camilla’s reaction to The Crown season 4, and honestly, it has us clutching our pearls. The Duchess of Cornwall reportedly has plans to watch the new season of Netflix’s historical royal family drama, although it features her controversial 1970s affair with Prince Charles. Apparently, Camilla doesn’t mind spilling this royal tea.

It’s safe to say that other members of the royal family aren’t pleased about the way they’re depicted on The Crown season 4, but the Duchess of Cornwall, 73, isn’t bothered. In fact, she’s down for a binge: “I imagine she’ll be tuning in with a glass of red wine to watch it; she has seen the previous series,” a friend of Duchess Camilla’s told Vanity Fair. “She has a wonderful sense of humor, and this won’t fuss her in the slightest.” Yep, Camilla plans to watch a version of herself (played by actress Emerald Fennell) in the throes of her extramarital affair with the Prince of Wales, who was still married to Princess Diana when their affair began. And it’s possible Prince Charles might be down to watch, too.

“She has watched it, of course she has, and I believe [Charles] has too,” the source went on to add. “I don’t think she has any real issue with it. Her feeling is very much ‘Never complain, never explain.'” Well, at least someone’s cool with it.

Her Majesty the Queen, meanwhile, is not. According to another source with VF, she has no plans to watch the series. “The queen has no desire to watch herself in a fictitious TV program, while Anne has no time for such nonsense,” the source explained of the monarch and her only daughter, Princess Anne. Other members of the British royal family, including Prince William, reportedly think that The Crown‘s fourth season also “exploited” his parents’ real-life relationship.

“This is drama and entertainment for commercial ends being made with no regard to the actual people involved who are having their lives hijacked and exploited,” a source close to Prince Charles told The Daily Mail on Saturday, November 14.  “The Duke of Cambridge is none too pleased with it. He feels that both his parents are being exploited and being presented in a false, simplistic way to make money,” the source said.

The season covers Prince William’s parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage from 1981 to 1996, as well as Charles’ alleged affair with Camilla during his marriage to Diana. In real life, Charles was remarried to Camilla eight years following Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997.

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