Dua Lipa’s Studded Boots Are So Tall They’re Basically Pants

Maggie Griswold
Dua Lipa’s Studded Boots Are So Tall They’re Basically Pants
Photo: Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen boot styles veer dramatically in one of two directions. Gone were the days of the mid-calf middle-ground; boots were either super-short (TBT to the days of Harry Styles rocking Chelsea boots nonstop) or over-the-knee tall. Apparently, Dua Lipa saw this trend and decided to elevate it to new heights (literally); yesterday, the singer performed a Chicago concert wearing studded boots so tall they were practically pants.

Lipa paired her (definitely now-iconic) giant silver boots with classic fishnet tights and an aqua sequin mini dress. And while I can’t actually measure the lengths of each piece in her ensemble, I’m 99 percent sure her boots were longer than her dress—and probably taller than I am.

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Festive af

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Lipa posted the outfit to her Instagram with the caption “Festive af,” which I guess is on point—if you consider aqua sequins and sparkly AF boots within the threshold of holiday cheer. But honestly, who am I to complain? Super-tall boots mean super-tall socks—which mean super-tall Christmas stockings. And wouldn’t all of our lives be better if our stockings were large enough to accommodate one of those truly massive boots? Imagine all the gifts that could fit in there. Sure, you might have to hang the stocking from the ceiling to keep it from dragging on the floor—but who cares about semantics when enormous quantities of gifts are within reach?

Though the sheer height of these boots is shocking, the fact that Dua Lipa was the one to wear them isn’t all that surprising. After all, this is the same woman who paired a tacky prom dress with a checkered coat and made it fashion. And this isn’t even the first time she’s worn extremely tall boots. Yup, she’s that bold.

Whether the boot-pants trend will trickle down to other celebs is still to be determined. But one thing’s for sure: If it does, per Lipa’s Instagram bio, “YA HEARD IT HERE FIRST.”