Dua Lipa Matching the Art Installation She’s Posing in Front of Is Sheer Instagram Goals

Lindsey Lanquist
Dua Lipa Matching the Art Installation She’s Posing in Front of Is Sheer Instagram Goals
Photo: Michael Regan/Getty Images.

Few things in this world are as Instagrammable as an art installation, especially a colorful one. Sure, avocado toast, latte art and ugly-cute animals are comparably photogenic, but an art installation offers aesthetic appeal and cultural currency—a double-whammy that defends against the oft-leveled snub “basic.”

Over the weekend, singer Dua Lipa paid a visit to a particularly camera-ready installation, Las Vegas’ “Seven Magic Mountains.” But instead of relying on her surroundings to carry the pic, she did her followers one better: She coordinated her outfit with the art installation, creating something of a social media masterpiece.

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Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains sits in the Nevada desert, about 10 miles south of the Las Vegas strip. Each “magic mountain” is actually a stack of boulders about 25 feet tall—and each boulder has been covered in some eye-catching shade of paint, like neon yellow, bright red-orange, bubblegum pink or lime green.

Dua Lipa’s outfit echoed this vibrant palette. The singer stood in front of the installation wearing a printed tie-front top seemingly designed for this moment—its white fabric covered in neon flowers that evoked the brightest tones in Rondinone’s work.

Dua Lipa completed her outfit with yellow and black statement sunglasses, a millennial pink bag, a blue plaid skirt and iridescent sneakers. Every piece in the ensemble demands its own spotlight, but when combined, they work in tandem with one another—and with Rondinone’s installation.

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It’s not every day you stumble upon an art installation this eye-catching, and it’s not every day you have the perfect outfit to wear when you visit it, either. But the social media stars aligned for Dua Lipa on this one. Seven Magic Mountains. One magic Instagram.