Dua Lipa Hiding In a Puffer Coat is Our Official Winter Mood

Maggie Griswold
Dua Lipa Hiding In a Puffer Coat is Our Official Winter Mood
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for dcp

There’s no denying it: It’s fucking cold outside, dudes. All we want to do is curl up by a fire, put on The Great British Bake-Off and never leave our homes again. Unfortunately, most of us have to go outside at some point, so there’s just no way around this suffering. But, at least we have an Instagram photo of Dua Lipa hiding in a puffer coat to evoke that reaction of “Ugh. Same.

On Wednesday, Dua Lipa uploaded a picture of herself cocooned in a white puffer coat, and that’s officially our mood for the rest of winter. The coat was zipped all the way up with Dua Lipa scrunched down into it. Of course, the singer still looked oddly cool despite the marshmallow fluff look, sporting yellow sunnies and rocking some thick eyebrows. Leave it to Dua Lipa to make hiding in your puffer coat fashion.

She captioned the photo with “it’s chilly fam” and it’s just something we can really all get behind. Yeah, it is cold out here, Dua Lipa. We’re so glad you’re suffering along with us. With the slew of street style happening this winter, it’s seriously left us wondering how all these celebrities aren’t freezing their asses off in the cold. At least Dua Lipa has the common sense to wear a glorified sleeping bag around like the rest of us. If we see one more person wearing an open trench coat and no signs of teeth chattering, we’re going to implode. How is anyone staying warm? Why can’t you just look like giant puffs like the rest of us? Life is unfair.

So, this is our official thank you to Dua Lipa for being relatable AF in this winter haze. Even though she still looks bomb in a marshmallow coat and we look like freezing sumo wrestlers, we appreciate the puffer coat solidarity. It really is chilly, fam.