Dua Lipa Proves Gen Z Yellow and Millennial Pink Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Lindsey Lanquist
Dua Lipa Proves Gen Z Yellow and Millennial Pink Aren’t Mutually Exclusive
Photo: Rich Fury/Getty Images for iHeartMedia.

Though some might have you believe that Gen Z yellow and millennial pink are from different worlds, Dua Lipa’s latest look suggests they’re more harmonious than they appear.

On Sunday, the singer stepped out in a mustard yellow slip dress—an eye-catching piece she expertly combined with neutral pieces, like chunky black boots and a charcoal gray button-down she wore as a jacket.

The real kicker of her ensemble, though, was the occasional pop of millennial pink that pervaded it—the bubblegum-lavender box clutch she carried around, and the matching bubblegum-lavender “11” printed along the hem of her button-down.

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The mustard slip dress was to be expected, at least, to some extent. Slip dresses are en vogue, and Gen Z yellow has thoroughly pervaded the fall fashion zeitgeist (cropping up during fashion month time and time again).

But the millennial pink accents were anything but autumnally formulaic. Bubblegum shades befitting a pop princess would be more at home during any other season—floral spring, saturated summer, graphic-edgy winter. But fall? With all its neutral palettes and chunky knits? No way.

That “no way” becomes even more emphatic when you consider pairing dainty millennial pink with a jewel tone as bold as mustard yellow.

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But Lipa’s outfit worked. The look was so perfectly assembled that no one who saw it could’ve possibly denied how successful the surprising color combination was. Instead of clashing, the generationally defined tones complemented one another—leading to punchier colors, greater intensity and more visual interest.

Millennial pink has long been absent from our sweater-filled fall wardrobes, but Lipa’s creative OOTD has us convinced an about-face is in order. If the light pink shade can so accentuate our favorite goldenrod pieces, what other autumn looks could it elevate?

If you’ll excuse us, we’ll be haphazardly combining seasonally exclusive clothing until we crack the code.