Dua Lipa Rocking the Suit with No Shirt Trend Is Making My Heart Skip a Beat

Maggie Griswold
Dua Lipa Rocking the Suit with No Shirt Trend Is Making My Heart Skip a Beat
Photo: James Shaw/Shutterstock.

There’s a special place in my heart for the suits-without-shirts trend, because, well, it’s hot AF. I have never seen as many different celebrities look good wearing basically the same outfit as I have with this swoon-worthy gem of a fashion trend. So, when my queen Dua Lipa attended the O2 Silver Clef Awards on Thursday wearing a pantsuit with—you guessed it—no shirt underneath, my heart skipped a fucking beat. Not only is this trend the hottest look to come out of 2019, but it was worn by the goddess Dua Lipa. The singer looks amazing in anything, but in this suit without a shirt underneath the jacket, I swear I have died and gone to heaven. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven in this ’80s-inspired pantsuit, Dua Lipa?

Look, I can admit when I’m seeing someone through rose-colored glasses. Sometimes when you think someone is already incredibly attractive, their ensembles tend to also look amazing—even if they aren’t. (This is a general statement, but also very specifically referencing everyone who thinks Justin Bieber’s clothing line DREW is cute. Like, get over it, people. Biebs is hot, but his clothes are ugly.) This is not! one! of! those! times! Dua Lipa is a babe among babes, yes, but this oversized pantsuit sans shirt really is a hot look. Summer whites for the win, y’all. I am truly obsessed. (As if that wasn’t already clear.)

Dua Lipa

James Shaw/Shutterstock.

Not only did Dua Lipa pair this oversized white suit with a dainty light yellow bralette (Ugh, swoon), but she went with all white accessories as well. Her white bag? It’s now on my wishlist. Those white heeled sandals? I’m searching the Internet for a copycat pair right now. I rarely believe an outfit is ~perfect~, but this one comes darn close. Honestly, it might be the perfect look for summer 2019. All whites to keep you cool in the sun and just a bralette as a top. Leave it to Dua Lipa to give us the only summer outfit we could ever need. That’s my damn queen right there.