Dua Lipa Wore Pastel Fishnets (& Not Much Else) On The Cover Of ‘Rolling Stone’

Bella Gerard
Dua Lipa Wore Pastel Fishnets (& Not Much Else) On The Cover Of ‘Rolling Stone’
Photo: AP Images.

Excuse my while I wipe my drool, because I am truly fan-girling so hard over Dua Lipa’s Rolling Stone cover. The pose! The glam! The extensions! And most importantly, THE FISHNETS! Our girl is serving body-ody-ody in her risqué cover look, and to quote her own 2016 hit, she looks Hotter Than Hell.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the cover—it’s bold and eye-catching, as any good cover should be, and Lipa looks incredible. However, the photo (shot by David LaChapelle) has received a fair amount of criticism from both Dua Lipa fans and dedicated Rolling Stone readers. Comments on the cover’s social media reveal criticized the publication for oversexualizing and Photoshopping the singer, and some haters found issue with the choice of cover star to being with. “Are you a teen pop mag now?” wrote one Instagram user, another complaining, “I remember when in these covers there were rock bands.”

To anyone upset by this cover, I say this: Stop! Being! Jealous! It’s not a cute look. Just because you aren’t Lipa slaying on the cover of a huge magazine doesn’t mean you get to be salty. While I do think they could’ve done with a little less Photoshop magic (She’s so beautiful all on her own!) I think the art direction is sexy and playful and very on brand for our sexy, playful pop queen.

STYLECASTER | Dua Lipa Fishnets Rolling Stone

Courtesy of Rolling Stone.

I do think we need to talk about the outfit, though. Lipa’s cover look was styled by Lorenzo Posocco and features a bodysuit, gloves and tights by Rui Zhou. Posocco styles Lipa on the reg, so let’s not act like RS took advantage of her and put her in something overly-sexy! Posocco obvi knew Lipa would love Rui Zhou’s unique designs and the brand is known for their use of cutouts and fishnet material. In fact, their motto is “Love what makes you, you” and their brand ethos is all about celebrating imperfection. So before you’re quick to judge the look for being too revealing, think again.

All this drama aside, Lipa looks incredible (As! Usual!) and her cover interview is a great read, all about her success with Future Nostalgia and how she’s handled the changes to her career—and life as we know it—brought on by 2020. I love to see such a bright star gracing one of the year’s earliest covers and I look forward to Lipa serving more funky looks on magazine covers for the rest of 2021. You’re doing amazing, sweetie!

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