These Dua Lipa ‘Break My Heart’ Lyrics Are Actually Perfect for Captions on the ‘Gram

Dua Lipa
Photo: DAN HIMBRECHTS/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock.

She’s back, baby! Future Nostalgia is full of straight bops, but today we’re focusing on Dua Lipa’s “Break My Heart” lyrics for Instagram captions—because, let’s be real: they’re too good not to use.

Dua is honestly a wordsmith both on and off the album, so we figured, why not take our humble queen’s best lines and put them to use. And when a commenter responds to your next sweet selfie or #OOTD flick wondering how the heck you came up with that quote, you can direct them to Dua’s very own interpretation of “Break My Heart,” one of her best “hopeless romantic” singles yet.

“This samples INXS’s “Need You Tonight,” and it’s a perfect explanation of “dance crying.” It’s about finally being in a happy place and knowing this new person is amazing,” she said for Apple Music.

She added, “But then thinking: “Nothing else compares to this, and what if this ends and it breaks my heart?” It’s the whole thing of being scared to be too happy, like when your day is going really well and you think, “What’s the one thing that’s going to fuck it up?” I’m a hopeless romantic and always ask myself: “How am I going to protect this?” But it’s also a sweet and vulnerable place to be, because you also see how much you care.”

And if you’re wondering who Dua is being hopelessly romantic with, then look no future to this next quote: “It helped that the people I wrote this with know my boyfriend, which helped me be really open,” she said, referencing her new boyfriend Anwar Hadid.

Whether you’re boo’ed up too, or just trying to give Dua some creds on the ‘gram—read on below for some perfect Instagram captions à la “Breaking My Heart.”

“I should’ve stayed at home”

Hear me out: In this era of social distancing, we could all use a caption reminding us to do our part to flatten the curve!

“I’m indecisive, but, this time, I know for sure”

Use in response to your latest foodstagram (anyone else notoriously indecisive when it comes to picking a place to eat?), or your witty engagement announcement.

“It’s you in my reflection”

Be a little tongue-in-cheek with this caption on any of your mirror selfies.

“Centre of attention”

Only appropriate for the birthday girl or boy, or in reference to a cute pet flick. Especially the latter!

“Two can play that game, but you win me every time”

Who else is breaking out the board games right about now? Share in on the fun with a wild post-game photo and tag your partner in this caption below.