DSquared2 Does it Right


The launch party for the new DSquared2 fragrances, He Wood and She Wood, was a smashing success. Being one of the last parties of fashion week is no easy task–I hobbled over after the Ralph Lauren party on my last stiletto, planning on staying for all of 14 minutes (the average time it takes to find your publicist friends in charge of any given party) to say hello and pay my respects. A full hour and a half later found me diving into my third glass of champers and shimmying along to the DJ’s amazing 80s mix on the rooftop of Dean and Dan Caten’s (the design duo behind DSquared2) brand new New York headquarters on the far west side of Manhattan.

Taking in the breathtaking view alongside me were fellow party-goers Marc Jacobs, Rachel Zoe, Cassie, Zoe Saldana, and Dean and Dan Caten themselves. The She Wood fragrance wafted in the air–a result of all the samplers being passed around downstairs–and not only did it smell great, it’s turned into a must-have on my perfume list. The main notes in the mix include lemon, violet, jasmine, amber, and cedar. It’s warm and musky and slightly masculine–it smells almost like you might’ve borrowed your boyfriend’s cologne on the way out of his apartment in the morning after a long night. Delicious.

Remember to sniff a bottle the next time you’re shopping–it releases in stores this month.