Looking To Drink For Free? 10 Airlines That Serve Free Alcohol

Caroline McCloskey

Long gone are the glory days of the glamorous, in-flight experiences  for the average passenger. Oh, to have flown during the Golden Age of Travel when there were no long security lines or cramped seats. The inconveniences and annoyances of modern travel were far in the distance. And most importantly, to fly back then meant you could consume as much free booze as you pleased.
Today, of course, most airlines are cutting back on even the most basic of amenities. Coach passengers in particular are feeling the cutbacks. Airlines are nickel-and-diming passengers for everything from leg room to carry-on bags. They don’t even hand out free peanuts anymore!
However, to our surprise many popular airlines have continued to serve free alcohol—and not just in first class. These airlines know how to treat their passengers well and realize that a nice glass of wine can put people at ease, especially on those long-haul flights. Because really, most of the time in coach class you’re just trying to feel slightly better than uncomfortable.
Here, the 10 airlines that serve free alcohol in coach class:
1. American Airlines: American Airlines serves beer and wine for free on long-haul flights, but you still have to pay for liquor. Long-haul flights include any flights to Europe, Asia, and longer ones to Latin America. Unfortunately, for domestic flights you’ll have to shell out around $7 for a drink.
2. Delta: Delta once had the same policy as American with beer and wine free on international flights, excluding Canada. Now, liquor is now free as well.  Oh, and if you’re flying on Delta Shuttle (East Coast to West Coast), drinks are free too.
3. Virgin Atlantic Airways: Perhaps the best in-flight drinking is on Virgin Atlantic. They offer a full range of complimentary alcoholic drinks on both domestic and international flights. Wine specialists Berry Brothers and Rudd of London curated the exceptional in-flight wine list. And now you can even toast your journey with a quarter bottle of Lanson Black Label Brut champagne—but for a price.
4. British Airways: British Airways always offers complimentary food and drinks on board, including alcoholic beverages, no matter which cabin you are in or what time of day you are flying.
5. Air France: This airline takes it to another level with complimentary champagne on long-haul international flights—the only airline to do so in all cabins. The wines and champagnes were selected by Olivier Poussier, one of the world’s top sommeliers. A particularly French experience if we do say so.
6. China Airlines: Free alcohol is served on flights longer than three hours and all international flights. On shorter domestic flights only expect to be served coffee, tea, and water.
7. Air Canada: Domestic flights don’t include free spirits, but on international flights you are able to sit back and enjoy a cocktail free of charge.
8. Lufthansa: All drinks are completely complimentary for all flights and all passengers in any classes. As Germany is famous for it’s love of beer, there are certainly more than a few good German beers on offer to help you get through the flight.
9. Singapore: SIA is rumored to spend 10 percent more on food and beverages per passenger than other airlines, which can be seen in the wonderful service the airline provides. Feel free to test flight attendants’ impressive knowledge of the in-flight cocktails and wine lists, which are customized by itinerary to include local bottles that correspond to the route.
10. Emirates: This airline offers a superb wine list featuring some of the world’s finest wines, champagnes, and ports from the many world-famous-wine producing regions across its vast route network. All but champagnes are available to economy class passengers without charge. However, alcohol is not served on flights to Saudi Arabia, which is standard for most airlines.
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