People Need to Stop Makeup-Shaming Drew Barrymore in This Instagram

People Need to Stop Makeup-Shaming Drew Barrymore in This Instagram
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Welcome to another day of body and beauty-shaming (collective eye-roll). In the last week, we’ve seen people stereotype Bella Thorne as a “partier” because of her acne; others deem Ashley Graham not a “real model” because of her size; and today, we have an equally infuriating situation: people are judging Drew Barrymore not for how she looks without makeup—but rather, how she looks when she wears what some claim is too much makeup.

On Friday, Barrymore posted a photo to Instagram promoting her makeup line Flower Beauty, in which she flaunted a metallic raspberry pout and smoky green eye makeup.

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Of course, not all of the 43-year-old “Santa Clarita Diet” actor’s followers were fans of the look—and they just couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves.

“uhm…. too much makeup…. way too much. U look so much better and younger without”

“Not your best look but just my two cents.”

“You are a natural beauty and don’t need all of this.. ages you”

“that makeup is no good for over 40s you look 10 years older.”

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We’ve been over this. We’ll say it again (and again, and again). It’s pretty much impossible for women to win in our current look-flawless-but-n0t-like-you-tried, wear-makeup-but-not-too-much Goldilocks culture. A woman paints her face in gorgeous fashion, like Barrymore? Fake! Too much! Unflattering! She wears zero makeup, showing that she’s actually a real person? People rarely want to see that either.

Another majorly problematic and obnoxious part of this whole situation is the criticism that the makeup looks Barrymore look older. Perhaps she’s not trying to look younger—did that occur to anyone? That aging naturally and letting your real skin and features show is actually perfectly natural, normal, OK, and beautiful?

We call bullshit on these thoughtless, judgey commenters. Luckily, plenty of fans also posted with supportive, loving messages to balance out the negativity. Still, on the subject of age, what’s really getting old is seeing unattainable beauty standards churned out and reinforced again and again—by real people hiding behind their Instagram handles, no less.