Drew Barrymore Claps Back at Body-Shamer Who Accused Her of Looking Pregnant

Drew Barrymore
Photo: Getty Images

It’s been more than four years since Drew Barrymore gave birth to her youngest child, Frankie, but rude-AF body-shamers still think she looks pregnant. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 43-year-old actress recalled a recent interaction in which a woman came up to her and told her that she looks pregnant, despite Barrymore giving birth years ago.

The “Santa Clarita Diet” star told the story in a roundtable with other comedy actresses, such as Allison Brie, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Debra Messing. When “Divorce” actress Molly Shannon recalled an audition in which someone asked if she had gained “like a hundred pounds,” Barrymore was inspired to disclose her recent body-shaming experience.

Barrymore—who has two daughters, Olive, 5, and Frankie, 4, with her ex-husband Will Kopelman—recalled a woman coming up to her at a restaurant and telling her that she has “so many kids.” When Barrymore corrected her, informing her that she only has two, the woman gestured at the actress’s stomach, assuming that she has another on the way. That’s when Barrymore shut her down and told her that, no, she isn’t pregnant, she just gained weight.

“That happened to me recently,” Barrymore said. “I’d gained a bunch of weight, and I was in a restaurant, and a woman goes, ‘God, you have so many kids.’ And I was like, ‘Well, two.’ And she goes, ‘And obviously one on the way.’ I looked at her and, for the first time in my life, I go, ‘No, I’m just fucking fat.'”

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Barrymore isn’t the only actress who has been accused of being pregnant recently. A couple weeks ago, “Riverdale” star Lili Reinhart shut down body-shamers who assumed that she was pregnant because her body was bloated and she gained weight. “Pretty Little Liars” actress Troian Bellisario is also facing pregnancy accusations for her body, despite her not confirming anything.

Barrymore’s story was meant to be funny, but it also shed a light on how people are quick to assume that someone, usually celebrities, are pregnant because of their size. It’s no one’s business and until you know for sure, don’t comment on someone’s body. Glad Barrymore put that woman in her place.