Tips From Pamela Anderson on How to Look Like A ’90s Beach Babe

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Tips From Pamela Anderson on How to Look Like A ’90s Beach Babe
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There’s no doubt that the ’90s are a big style influence these days, and with the beach season already here, we’re looking to the decade that brought us the Spice Girls, JNCO jeans, and TV hits like Saved By The Bell for some serious inspiration. In order to dress like the ultimate ’90s beach babe this summer, we figured we might as well go straight to the source: the iconic Pamela Anderson.

Best known for her breakout role as lifeguard C.J. Parker on Baywatch, there’s no denying that Pamela Anderson was indeed the ultimate ’90s beach babe with her blonde locks, iconic red swimsuit and perky personality. As our Celebrity Editor Spencer Cain will tell you, “Pamela Anderson is the ultimate ’90s teenage boy’s wet dream. If you didn’t have a poster of Pam, you were just downright un-American.” (See,  there you have it folks.)

We were honored to have the chance to actually chat with the icon herself this past weekend out in Las Vegas over at the Palladium Alliance International booth (who were the same kind folks that flew us out West) for the Couture 2012 jewelry trade show. From key swimwear basics to beach-appropriate accessories and summer flair, here are the tips Pam had to offer to help us all achieve total ’90s beach babe-dom, as well as a few suggestions of our own.

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The little red swimsuit that started it all. We're pretty sure this picture is still hanging on more than a few walls, and for good reason: The image was the epitome of '90s California beach babe.

Photo: Picture Credit: aywatch /

If you want to be a babe like Baywatch's C.J. Parker, then a red, one-piece swimsuit is totes necessary, like this one from American Apparel, $31.50, at American Apparel.


Pamela loves bringing a tote bag with her to the beach to carry her beach reads, sunblock and a bottle of water. Thankfully, we just happen to love this Farmer's Market Tote, $45, at J. Crew.


"In every Playboy photoshoot I've ever done, I've been in head-to-toe Bain de Soleil," says Pam. Well, we're sold.

Bain de Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen, $7.99, at


"I love salty, big hair especially after it's been teased and colored." Try getting your C.J.-esque hair on with O&M Surf Bomb, $21.95, at

Add extra volume to your beachy locks with Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray, $19.95, at select hair salons.

Photo: Sebastian Professional/

Pamela likes to wear big sunglasses to the beach, and since we're a fan of her ads with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, we figured these retro-inspired frames would be a safe bet.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Sunglasses AN72702, $150, at Vivienne Westwood

Photo: Vivienne Westwood/

With a bod like hers, it's no surprise that Pamela is a fan of belly chains, and we even hear that she's asked Palladium Jewelry to make her a custom one. But if you can't afford to have a custom bell chain made for you, why not check out this Clear Gem Hollow Star Belly Chain, $11.99, from Body Candy?


Pamela likes to wear toe rings to the beach as well (like this Silver Ankh Drop Toe Ring, $7, at Miss Selfridge) which was a solid trend in the mid-90s.


These high-waisted denim cutoffs from Nasty Gal for $88 scream '90s babeness to us.

Photo: Nasty Gal/

Pair those denim cut offs with an easy-going crop top, like this California Coast tee, $64, at Wildfox Couture.

Photo: Wildfox Couture/

While Pamela prefers to go shoe-less at the beach, for those that still might want to wear some shoes (while still keeping it '90s) should opt for these L.A. Lights sneakers, $110, at L.A. Gear Originals.

Photo: L.A. Gear/

Nothing could be more '90s than a big ponytail tied off with a scrunchie. Keep your big, salty hair out of your face with these Nylon Tricut Scrunchies, $6 each, at American Apparel.

Photo: American Apparel/

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