Dress like Team Zoe




The key components of Rachel‘s style lie in a few simple details; clavicle-baring necklines (anyone else, I would say cleavage, but…I mean…), flowy fabrics, and lots of accessories. We recognize, however, that not all of you can go nuts at Chelsea Girl vintage, so here’s what we recommend you purchase to look oh-so- “bananas.” Try this Foley + Corinna dress, paired with Miu Miu sunglasses, H&M camel platforms, and this over-the-top Rachel Reinhardt necklace. Even Roger would approve.



Rachel’s surly assistant, Taylor Jacobson, might not know how to accessorize with a smile (although really…who could blame her), but she does have an insane wardrobe that we envy and secretly hope she doesn’t actually own. From the Balenciaga bags she throws around, to the YSL Tribute heels she stomps down the stairs in, we would die for a day in her studs, leather, and plaid. To channel your inner fashion beeyotch (we love you, Taylor), try these J Brand skinny jeans with a BDG shirt, and these sky-high booties from Topshop. Throw on a fabulous watch, like this Marc Jacobs timepiece as well. We feel like punctuality is important to Taylor.



He doesn’t care how hot it is in L.A, Brad Goreski is going to wear jackets and bowties and everyone will like it. Basically keeping Ralph Lauren in business, Zoe’s partner-in-crime is what Rachel calls “straight out of The Great Gatsby” with his quirky glasses and perfectly poufed coif. We recommend this Polo Ralph Lauren cardigan paired with this Steven Alan button-down, and a D&G bowtie. Just keep in mind that the bowtie is the focal point… it’s like the window into Brad’s fashion soul.


As Rachel’s husband and “baby,” he tries to stay out of the spotlight while remaining a sweet support system for the craziness that is Team Zoe. All you gotta do is buy lots of Starbucks and blow dry that shiny hair of yours.