Chic Up Your iPhone With StyleCaster-Approved Cases From Kenu


iphone cases Chic Up Your iPhone With StyleCaster Approved Cases From Kenu

For a few years now, we’ve had these things, these iPhones, that we willingly schlep around wherever we go. And then Apple went ahead an made them even bigger. So now we basically have mini computers against our ears while we’re cruising down the Street.

Because we love dressing up over here, we fell in love with the new ability to customize our closest companion. Enter: Kenu, your one-stop shop for matching your moda with your mobile.

Based in San Fran, Kenu creates urban-style, ultra-slim cases designed to compliment your passions in life. With designs inspired by fashion, art, nature, and music, these tough, impact-resistant poly-carbonate cases protect your phone with sass. One more perk: they don’t break the bank.

Just in time for the State of Style Summit, we teamed up with Kenu to launch a collection of snazzy “Style to the People” iPhone cases. Designed by the fab artists, Love Me (Curtis Kulig) and DEER DANA (Dana Veraldi and Kevin Tekinel), these stylish cases have spruced up our iPhones into statement pieces.

Don’t endure the idle-iPhone case-syndrome any longer. Trend-up your tele, here.