DRES Recycled Tire Rubber Clutch


Some award recipients thank a higher being or a parent but last night Andres Stickney thanked Planet Earth when he received the award for “Best Green Handbag” at the Third Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards.

Andres Stickney created DRES in 2002 after working as a designer for Ralph Lauren Purple Label and TSE. Originally pursuing a career in graphic design, Stickney soon shifted his focus on the artistic abilities of fashion and accessories. Researching “green” textiles led Stickney to Envirotech recycled tire rubber, where he learned how to use this innovative matter to maximize elasticity, resilience and durability.

Stickney’s winning design (as seen above) included Envirotech recycled tire rubber, a re-used lion head drawer pull and hemp webbing. Ensuring the quality of the clutch, Stickney hand finished it.

“I have been looking for a recycled rubber product and only recently discovered Envirotech on the internet. Their awesome invention inspired me to make this clutch.” Stickney stated on his Handbag Designer 101 profile.

The triumph not only garnered Stickney a loud applause from the audience at the New-York Historical Society, but it affords him the opportunity to design a limited edition bag with Korres Natural Beauty.

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