Dree Hemingway Gives Gemma Ward A Run For Her Mermaid Money


Models acting as mermaids or deep-sea sirens seems to be an emerging trend: Gemma Ward has garnered a lot of attention for her small role as a mermaid in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean flick, and in this new short film from Nowness, Dree Hemingway portrays a mystical figure that emerges fromand disappears intothe ocean. The clip, entitled The Young Woman and the Sea (see what they did there? Ernest Hemingway reference!) was directed by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello and shot on location in the Bahamas. Besides thinking that Dree looks hauntingly beautiful, the premise of the film left us a little perplexed, and our train of thought about the video ran a little something like this:

1. This is weird.
2. Is she trying to kill herself?
3. I wanna be in that water…

Give the clip a watch and let us know your thoughts!

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