Dreams Do Come True: A Nicki Minaj Barbie Is On The Way

Spencer Cain

If you’re a fan of Nicki Minaj at all, you know that she is absolutely obsessed with Barbie. In fact, many of her songs begin with, “It’s Barbie, bitch!” So it’s only appropriate that the pint-sized rapper will be immortalized in doll form, complete with plastic boobs and an adorable pink outfit (see above).

Mattel created the one-of-a-kind Barbie in Minaj’s likeness, and even cooler, it will be available for auction at CharityBuzz.com. The doll will be showcased at Divine Design’s five-day event and gala at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. Bidding begins next Wednesday at $1,000 and goes until December 19.

Yeah, that’s a lot of coin but as you can see, this is an awesome Barbie. And ’tis the season to give back, people! Proceeds benefitProject Angel Food, which provides food for men, woman and children affected by HIV and AIDS.Oh and as a side note, according to Billboard, other people who have had Barbies auctioned at this event include Rachel Zoe and Janet Jackson.

As excited as I am to potentially score me a Minaj Barbie, I’m even more excited now that I’m fantasizing about a dinner party with me, Rachel Zoe, Janet Jackson and Nicki Minaj. Can you imagine? Me and the girls puffing on some Cuban cigars in my jacuzzi after we indulge in a dinner of caviar and cheese fries. Ah, the life…

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