My Dream Barbecue: 5 Celebrities I’d Like To Grill & Chill With This Memorial Day

Spencer Cain

Okay, so it’s the end of the day before a holiday weekend and I’m totally fried. There is nothing I’m looking forward to more than going home, taking off my shoes and getting ready to enjoy the sun–or potentially thunderstorms, but whatever. Tomato, tomahto.

Here at StyleCaster, my fellow editors and I are always chatting about, well, everything. The conversations tend to get a little bit random, and we find ourselves on completely different subjects from where we began.

Just now, we were all talking about who we think would be the best celebrity barbecue buddy in light of this weekend’s festivities. Now, the Memorial Day BBQ is a crucial event. It’s not just your average hot dogs and hamburgers hoedown. A lot of thought should be put into who you would want to party with.

That said, I’ve compiled a gallery above of my top five fantasy celebrity barbecue guests. Let’s make it happen. Click through above and spread the love.

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