This Video of a Young Drake Doing Improv Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Today Drake is a world-famous musician, but before he made it big or even starred on “Degrassi” (#neverforget) Drizzy was just a regular guy named Aubrey Graham practicing his acting chops in improv class. Thankfully, there’s video evidence of a teenaged Drake doing just that at the Rivoli Club in Toronto, many, many years ago—and it’s total comedy gold.

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The clip has only just surfaced after being included in a local feature on the club that was published earlier this week. During the video, which runs for an amazing three minutes, Drake and his female acting partner improvise about working out and becoming pregnant, and at the end there’s even a surprise solo song performed by Drake about his counterpart’s “pregnancy.” Ah, there are few things we love more than awkward footage of celebrities before they were famous. Watch the video above.

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