Watch Drake Kiss Rihanna’s Neck, Gush About Her Beauty in New Concert Video

Unless Drake’s a Method actor with skills to rival Robert de Niro, this new video isn’t doing much to put rumors to rest that he and Rihanna are more than just collaborators. During a performance of “Work” (you know, that little pop song that simply doesn’t get enough airplay) in Manchester, England, Drake isn’t only laser-focused on RiRi’s ass, but touches her every single chance gets, does a weird tongue thing in her direction, and—the smoking gun—kisses and nuzzles her neck.

Granted, the whole thing looks a tiny bit awkward—he’s not sure where to walk at one point, and she’s just doing the butterfly all over the stage—but let’s not forget these two crazy kids were spotted partying in London the night before until 6 a.m., and we all know what sleep deprivation does to our focus.

At the end of the song, an after-glowing Drizzy implores Manchester to make some noise for “the most beautiful, talented woman I’ve ever seen in my life.” As my colleague Bibi said after watching, “Yeah, they’re secretly married.”