WYD, Drake? This Week’s Social Media Fails

WYD, Drake? This Week’s Social Media Fails
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Legend has it that Monday’s solar eclipse would prompt strange behavior in animals. Birds would change flight patterns, dogs would howl at shadows, your cat would actually be nice to you. It’s a wild time. Of course, we all know that your celebrity faves don’t need any excuse to wild out online. From social media fails to hilarious Insta-stories, there’s never been a better week to ask, “Uh… what are you doing?”

What are you doing, Drake?

Drake’s Insta is always a treasure trove of visual non sequiturs and random shots, and this image is no exception. It’s almost unremarkable to see Champagne Papi looking sort of glum in an awkward posed candid. But what makes this pic WYD-worthy is his footwear. Of course Drake is rocking a pair of Rihanna’s brand new Stance socks.

This is so on-brand for Drake. You just know he was the very first person to rock RiRi’s new gear. Drake is the ultimate super loyal friend. This doesn’t do much to quell the whole “Drake is hopelessly in love with Rihanna” narrative. But who cares? Wearing your bestie’s face on your feet is a deeper level of commitment and Drake is totally up it.

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WYD, Sarah Jessica Parker?

No celeb had a more extreme reaction to the solar eclipse than SJP, who posted a series of videos from her watch party aboard a boat. The “Sex and the City” star completely freaked out at the sight of the moon covering the sun. This is like “The Blair Witch Project” but with very famous people and no death. SJP has, apparently, never seen anything more amazing in her entire life. Can we all agree to react to nature with this same level of wild enthusiasm from now on? Even if there isn’t an eclipse happening. Just go outside, look at a cloud and start screaming. It’ll significantly improve your life.

What are you doing, Mariah Carey?

Listen, the answer to the question “What is Mariah Carey doing?” is always “The most.” This is no exception. Celebrating her new Las Vegas-themed Paper magazine cover, the Elusive Chanteuse is giving us Very Rich Showgirl Realness. Mimi looks amazing but this ensemble looks so heavy. Getting dressed shouldn’t be a workout. She’s wearing so little and yet so much. What is this and why do we love it so much?

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Billy Eichner (and Sarah Paulson)! WYD?!

First of all, this is definitely not a fail. This is the winningest win. Billy plus Sarah in a Vegas nightclub after a Cher concert is the definition of goals. On one hand, this is definitely a Stars are Just Like Us post—who among us hasn’t posted a dancing in the club pic? On the other hand, who among us has friends as fabulous as Sarah Paulson? We need to ask Billy Eichner some very serious questions, starting with “What are you doing right and how can we be more like you?”