Drake Admits to Hooking Up With a Fan on Tour, Making Out With Someone Twice His Age on ‘Ellen’

Ellen DeGeneres always has a good time with celebs on set, and today’s show, which airs this afternoon, is no exception, especially if you like famous people admitting to questionable behavior (a.k.a. if you have a pulse). In a clip of the talk show host interviewing Drake, they discussed Rihanna, obviously, because Drake can’t get through an appearance without talking about Rihanna. “You and Rihanna are friends, and I know that. Just friends, only friends,” DeGeneres said. “Yes,” Drake said. In the background, a photo of Drake and Rihanna came up on a screen. “That’s friendship at its finest right there,” Drake said. “Me and my friends always do that,” DeGeneres “agreed.” And ol’ Drake couldn’t keep a straight face, fanning the ongoing are-they-0r-aren’t-they flames. So that’s fun.

Also fun: They played a game of “Never Have I Ever” with Jared Leto. DeGeneres bombarded the pair with a litany of rather personal questions (most of which, let’s be honest, were directed at Drake), causing them to squirm around a bit—but ultimately they answered all of them. As an aside, has anyone else noticed that Leto looks stunningly like Scott Disick these days? It is uncanny. Is Disick trying to channel Leto, or did Leto cut off his scraggly locks and tone down his beard a bit to resemble Disick more? Who can say.

Anyway, DeGeneres really didn’t beat around the bush, getting right down to business by asking if the pair had ever “hooked up with a fan on tour.” To be fair, she played too, and admitted she’d done the deed right off the bat. At first, Drake tried to get technical—”What is a fan? Like, someone that just enjoys your, like—” but then raised his little paddle to the “I have” side, mumbling, “All right.” That’s more like it. Leto had too. Big shocker all around.

Drake and Degeneres said they’d never texted a nude selfie, which seems unlikely, but Drake was happy to admit he’d made out with someone twice his age. “Those kind of vibes, you know? That’s what I’m throwing,” he said. Leto: Same. DeGeneres: Not so much.

Though Drake and DeGeneres both said they’d never sent a dirty text to the wrong person, Leto said he’d been on the wrong side of that bungle. “The shame,” he said. Perhaps saving the best for last, DeGeneres asked if anyone had “told a girl how I feel about her in a song,” and Drake totally owned that one, bouncing his paddle up and down. Yeah, you have, Drizzy. That’s your calling card, and we love you for it.