People on the Internet Are Really Having Fun with Drake’s Awkward Dance Moves

drake hotline bling dancing 20 People on the Internet Are Really Having Fun with Drakes Awkward Dance Moves

We thought our love for Drake couldn’t grow any stronger, but now his new video for “Hotline Bling” showcases the most awkward, lovable, Degrassi-level moves ever. After a short intro of sexy phone operators, the video features Drake dancing for the entire five-minute song in a giant box under a slew of space-agey colored lights.

And we’re not talking about meticulously choreographed dance moves. Nope, we’re referring to body-contorting positions that rival any dad at a wedding, any awkward coworker at a karaoke bar, or—let’s be real—any Kanye West rocking out to the plunky Seinfeld theme.

Drake’s bizarre shoulder-bouncing, foot-stepping, knee-swinging moves might have thousands of girls even more desperate to share a lifetime of white wine spritzers with the rapper, but they’ve also spawned a pretty spot-on run of Internet memes. Behold:

The Frasier Drake:

The Cosby Drake:

The Spongebob Drake:

The iTunes Drake:

In case you still haven’t witnessed Drake’s (not so) smooth moves in their entirety, it’s worth the five minutes out of your day: