Drake Wants a Tattoo of This Canadian Icon on His Rib Cage

Drake Wants a Tattoo of This Canadian Icon on His Rib Cage
Photo: Getty Images

We all know Drake loves Canada (just listen to all the times he mentions his hometown in Views!), so it would make sense that the Toronto native would want one of the country’s biggest pop stars as his next tattoo. And no, we don’t mean Justin Bieber. The 30-year-old rapper is actually planning on inking a picture of none other than Canadian music legend (and the iconic “My Heart Will Go On” singer) Celine Dion to his rib cage—and he’s, apparently, only a year away from getting it done.

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Drizzy told the Quebec-born belter of his plans at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, where they both slayed the stage. Luckily, a witness caught the adorable moment when Drake, who was nothing but smiles as he held hands with Dion, gushed to her about how much she meant to him.

“It means the world, you’re very iconic. We love you. I’m, like, a year away from a Celine tat,” he told the singer before gesturing to an area on his side.

Before you shame Drake for his, uh, unique tattoo choice, the rapper already has two singers inked on his body: R&B vocalist Sade and the late Aaliyah. Apparently, love for the “All By Myself” singer runs in the family, too. On the same night that Dion and Drake met, he posted a cute selfie of him and his dad with the Canadian pop queen in the center.

“My dad might have walked away from this pic and said ‘Da Celine Way'” he captioned the picture.

And, hey, even if Drake isn’t real about getting a Celine Dion tat on his side, maybe this bodes well for a collab in the future. (Hopefully.)

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