One Dozen Grade-A Brunch Ideas for People Who Hate Eggs


Brunch isn’t for everybody, but it’s a special kind of hell for those of us who hate eggs. For us, a restaurant’s brunch menu is a minefield of poached or scrambled pitfalls, with the only sanctuary located at the bottom of a bloody mary or peach mimosa.
When cooking our own brunches, on the other hand, it’s much easier to avoid using unfertilized chicken ova (and their gelatinous innards) in our dishes. There’s actually several crowd-pleasing mid-morning meals that don’t put eggs at the center of the plate, making it possible for us to enjoy our food without dry-heaving at the breakfast table.
Looking for an excellent egg-free recipe to enjoy alongside several of the aforementioned bloody marys and mimosas? Look no further than the following 12 dishes:
polenta 0 One Dozen Grade A Brunch Ideas for People Who Hate EggsPARMESAN POLENTA CAKES WITH MUSHROOM AND SAUSAGE HASH
This polenta and hash recipe from Lauren at Lauren’s Latest is as tasty as any dish you’ll find at a fancy brunch spot. It’s actually better, because it hasn’t been marred with the addition of a runny fried egg.
bagellox One Dozen Grade A Brunch Ideas for People Who Hate EggsLOADED EVERYTHING BAGEL & LOX PIZZA
Most bagel shops offer lox and cream cheese in addition to their eggy breakfast sandwiches, but nobody offers anything like this bagel and lox pizza from Ashley at Baker by Nature. The next time you have guests for brunch, wow them with this satisfying recipe.
charsiubao 1 One Dozen Grade A Brunch Ideas for People Who Hate Eggs
If you can’t make it out to dim sum on a Sunday morning, you can whip up one of its many classic Cantonese dishes at home. Jennifer at Use Real Butter combined her favorite filling and bun recipes to bring us these delectable char siu bao, stuffed with tender saucy pork.
biscuit gravy 2
“It’s hard to beat a biscuit that’s been smothered in smooth, peppery sausage gravy,” writes Courtney from Cook Like a Champion. The best part? Her gravy recipe calls for only three main ingredients and comes together in a flash.
Grillades (medallions or meat slowly simmered with stock and vegetables) are often paired with grits on brunch menus throughout New Orleans. See what all the fuss is about and try this savory recipe for grillades and grits from Kimberly at The Daring Gourmet.
Head over to Fox News Magazine for the rest of the brunch ideas.
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