Downton Abbey’s Costume Designer Dishes On Season 3, Lady Mary, More

Liz Doupnik

downton lady mary lady edit Downton Abbeys Costume Designer Dishes On Season 3, Lady Mary, More

Though we’ll have to patiently wait for the third-season return of “Downton Abbey” in January, our friends across the pond have a leg up on us. The season is coming to a close in Britain, which means they’ve gotten to see a whole extra season’s worth of  Caroline McCall’s masterful costumes (which have inspired a few of our own Halloween looks).

Grazia Daily caught up with the period drama’s costume designer who spilled on some challenges she faced in a video interview, including which role was hardest to create for.  “Mary has been quite a hard character, and I wanted [her dresses] to be soft and feminine. I wanted them to look delicate and sophisticated.” McCall also said that post-Edwardian England was an “extraordinary” time for fashion, adding that it’s “really a beautiful period of history.”

Head over to Grazia to see the video in its entirety.

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