Dov Charney Wants to be Hugh Hefner, Is Highly Delusional

Kerry Pieri

Reading an article with Dov Charney is like reading the thoughts of a highly delusional man who isn’t involved in multiple sexual harassment lawsuits, whose multi-million dollar business isn’t failing, who isn’t severely in debt and needs $5 million dollars in order to avoid bankruptcy, and who isn’t widely hated by most of those who have ever heard his name.

Below are some especially delusional bon mots from the CEO of American Apparel in the New York Times today:

1. I refuse to allow society to define me at this time.

2. Only the restrained survive. Too often eccentricities are exploited by people who are trying to rip others down.

3. “He quoted (unwittingly, it turned out) Martin Luther King, Jr. : ‘Every man should be judged by the content of his character.'”

4. “Its not the place of the government or judicial system, he said, ‘to opine upon peoples relationships. Its nobodys business.'”

Um, Martin Luther King? It’s not the judicial system’s place to get involved with people’s relationships when the relationships in question are part of a hostile work environment? Is this guy serious? If that weren’t enough, he’s not done skeeving us out.

“He would like to recreate the lifestyle Hugh Hefner did at the Playboy mansion in the 1970s,” the Times indicated. Charney then showed the female reporter, “a Time magazine from July 1973 with an image of Hugh Hefner and Bob Guccione (of Playboy and Penthouse respectively) eating dinner at a table with naked and less naked women. Is this guy serious?

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