Interesting: Doutzen Kroes Admits She Feels Guilty About Being A Model

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Doutzen Kroes captioned this Instagram photo “Good Morning”

In today’s edition of #modelproblems, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Doutzen Kroes, opened up to Page Six about the downside of her job. “Sometimes it makes me feel guilty now that I am in this profession that makes certain girls insecure,” she lamented.

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The world’s fifth highest paid model, continued, saying: “I always say, I don’t look like the picture . . . If you put me in bad light with no hair and makeup, it’s not good . . . I wake up sometimes like, this is not what I see when I look at the magazine, who is this visitor in the bathroom?”

While we certainly applaud the 28-year-old for being so candid about the unrealistic beauty standards women are exposed to in magazines, which generally rely on a team of beauty wizards and no shortage of photoshop for their editorials, we also can’t fight back the urge to roll our eyes. The thing is, we spotted Kroes in the flesh two summers ago in Montauk with her now 2-year-old son and she looked, well, perfect.

What’s more, the Angel, who divides her time between New York and Amsterdam, often shares Instagram snaps of herself sans makeup with her 756,370 followers, and though she’s visibly not “done-up”, she’s still shockingly gorgeous. Therefore you must forgive us if we’re kiiind of having a hard time buying what she’s selling, although we’ll give her an A for effort nonetheless.

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On the subject of Instagram, Kroes sang a similar tune in an interview with The Telegraph back in September:

“I feel I’m such a big part of that insecurity… that girls think they have to be that picture. And even boys, they think that that picture exists and it’s so frustrating because I don’t look like that picture. I wake up not looking like that picture.” Except that she does, and her Instagram photo (pictured above) captioned “good morning” is proof, unless she secretly creates natural-looking makeup for fake “morning” selfies, but who has the time for that?

Somehow, when the somewhat relatable (by Hollywood standards) Jennifer Lawrence commented on her love of Photoshop, and looking nothing like herself in her Miss Dior handbag campaign, we believed her, but Kroes, who told The Telegraph there’s zero-retouching during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, makes a very weak case. C’mon, have you seen her abs?

Doutzen, who is married to DJ Sunnery James also told the publication she sometimes gets rejected for jobs because she’s not a size zero.

“I’m 28 and I’ve had a baby. I have a woman’s body, and once in a while you run into the fact that things are not fitting the way they should be. But I joke about it and say, ‘What 13-year-old girl was wearing this?’ If they think I’m too fat, I’d rather not do the job  because I am super-healthy and fit and I’m so happy the way I am.

Doutzen is a terrific model (and, it seems, role model) and does great work with Dance4Life, a charity devoted to sex education and teaching safe sex to young people around the world, yet we must ask, has she seen herself in a mirror lately?

doutzen kroes bikini jpeg Interesting: Doutzen Kroes Admits She Feels Guilty About Being A Model

Two months ago on her Instagram

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